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I’m so excited about this new website and all the new changes coming to my business. Thank you for taking the time to the read this and for allowing me to live out my creative dreams in my business. I thank every client and fan… friend and family member that has helped and encouraged me through the years to keep going. Thank you for the referrals and Facebook likes/comments.. it all helps and is how I grow. From my grandparents who bought me my first SLR in college, and for helping me to achieve my education and career goals.. to my sweet husband whom when we first started dating paid for absolutely everything and made me save up for upgraded equipment.

My husband and I have officially been married for over two years now,.. he is my biggest supporter and fan. He pushes me when I get lazy and discouraged, and he is always by my side as a second shooter and business partner. I never in a million years thought I would have someone that 150% supported me and encouraged me to make this my full-time career. He is always reading.. making sure he is up to date on the latest techniques with lighting. He surprise subscribes me to photography magazines and classes, and I can always guarantee to know he can answer any of my ‘technical’ questions on command. Sometimes I think he’s Superman but he wouldn’t admit it in a thousand years.

We moved to Houston a few years ago when he got a job up here. Small-town-bumpkins as they say… one stoplight town and a thirty-minute drive to the nearest (legit) grocery store. It was a fun and exciting change. Our first apartment had a high balcony over-looking a grand lit movie theatre.. I decked out my patio with plants and Christmas lights… we were in city-heaven. I always told him “no dogs.. no matter how cute they are”. Six months later after living in our little apartment life, my sweet fluff ball Gypsy-Rose joined us in our grand adventures. We got married shortly after moving to Houston in a beautiful rose garden… it was the vintage-DIY wedding of my dreams and I love that I am able to empathize with my brides so much in their wedding process. “No more dogs, no matter how cute they are.. Gypsy is the only baby I need” shortly turned into our second addition and best friend Annabella June-Bug. I’m not sure if Annabella is or ever will be OUR dog, but she’s definitely Gypsy’s dog. I’m delighted to say that we have made our roots deeper in Houston, TX. Last year we purchased our first home here and could not be happier. We are glad to get out of the high-balcony-city-light-apartment and into a suburban neighborhood where I take a little too much pleasure in Brian mowing the yard while I fold our laundry. I love my new little office… and not living in a box!

I love doing engagement sessions with my couples because it gives us a chance to get to know each other.. and for my clients to get a chance to feel comfortable around me. I am without a doubt awkward, silly, fun, and not afraid of anything with a camera in my hands (it’s actually pretty crazy). Being a photographer is SO much more than just taking a photo. There is an undeniable connection between a couple and the camera… I want to be able to bring YOU out in your images. Let’s face it… MOST of us get at least a little nervous as soon as you set foot in front of a camera. My favorite compliment at the end of a session is “I was so anxious.. but after 5 minutes into the session I was just having a great time.” It’s not supposed to be pulling teeth… but just plain fun! YES, my job is FUN! And I  want to make it a good time for my clients also.

 “Raw” images… what I shoot with on my camera before a single edit, white balance correction, color adjustment, detail edit, or fancy overlay is applied. It’s just the image, plain and simple.

So here we go… all on the table. “Raw”.

1. Almost every session I somehow manage to hurt myself. I don’t even know how it happens. It just does.

2. A lot of people call themselves awkward… I go above + beyond that. But, I love that it makes me a real-person and I feel like it helps my clients relax. (Sometimes I want to say “I promise I’m not this strange”.. but then I would be lying.)

3. I went to Sam Houston State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Communications. I met most of my first clients in college.

4. My favorite thing to shoot at a wedding is details and one-on-one time with my couples.

5. I will go out of my way to make your wedding day amazing in any way I can.

6. My favorite place to eat is Whataburger. And I love love love a Starbucks vanilla bean frap.

7. I keep little ‘trinkets’ from weddings. May it be a program or a wedding favor, I love to remember each wedding!

8. My favorite place to be, no matter the season, will always be the beach. If past-lives are a thing, I was a fish.

9. I am head-over-heals in love with my fur babies.

10. I just realized recently I can’t eat any kinds of seeds or nuts and a few other foods, and it’s been a total life changer.

11. I love vintage anything. I tend to edit with a filmy/hazy look.

12. I have such a crazy imagination, that I can think of a song and hear it as if it were actually playing.

13. We don’t have cable. And I LOVE it. I maybe watch some form of TV once a month.

14. I’ve recently fallen IN LOVE with fashion photography. I’m always looking for models and new faces.

15. I ‘cook’ a mean cereal and microwaved mac-n-cheese. My husband is the house chef.

16.  I hate watches and clocks. And phones. I know, weird, my business revolves around these things and yet I hate them. I prefer to e-mail over phone/text so that I can keep all of my conversations in one place and easily referred back to – so when I say e-mail me please, that’s why! 🙂

17. I have NEVER been on an airplane before. I would love to shoot an out-of-state wedding and travel more.

18. I love making gift baskets and cute packaging. I never send a boring package and no two are ever the same.

19. Resale shopping is hands down one of my favorite hobbies. The thrill of a 50 cent knick-knack never gets old.

20. I have a Target problem. No, really, it’s unhealthy.



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