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Why is it important to choose a color scheme for your wedding?

Amongst all the little details that have to be prepared for your wedding day, your color scheme is one of the most important. Your chosen palette has the power to shape your entire day, from the mood of your ceremony, to the atmosphere of your evening reception. So, it’s important to pick one that’s in line with your tastes as a couple, and will bring your overall vision to life. Struggling to prioritize this key detail of your day? Here are three reasons why it’s important to choose a color scheme for your wedding.

To set the mood

When it comes to a day as special as your wedding day, you want each and every person in attendance to feel relaxed and ready to celebrate. Color has a huge impact on our mood, so you’re going to want to take this into account when it comes to choosing the palette that meets your wedding vision.

For a laidback, rustic feel, consider earthy tones for your wedding decor. Or, to get everybody in a romantic mood, opt for red and pink tones. While blues will contribute to a peaceful atmosphere and help to calm any pre-wedding jitters, bright, warm colors are likely to boost feelings of excitement and encourage a lively mood for the post-ceremony reception. White is always a safe, traditional option for weddings, symbolizing purity, innocence and integrity. Gold or silver accents can be paired with a white color scheme for associations with royalty and wealth.

For stunning pictures

The months following your wedding can feel a little like an anticlimax after all the excitement leading up to the big day. However, there is one last thing to look forward to when it’s all over, and that’s getting those stunning, all-important wedding photos back.

While your wedding photographer will be a pro at getting all the best shots on your big day, they’ll likely be very appreciative of a beautiful, cohesive color scheme. After all, when your venue decor matches your outfits and bouquets, there’s a lot less behind-the-scenes staging that has to happen in order to get the perfect portraits, and fewer touch-ups that have to be performed in the studio after the big day.

To tell your story

Your wedding day is all about telling the story of you and your partner, and your love for one another. So, you want each detail of your wedding to have a personal touch – and that includes your color scheme.

When choosing, think about the colors that feel right for the both of you. Perhaps you’ll want to follow the same sort of decor designs that you have at home, or choose colors that you both like to wear day-to-day. Maybe you even have a color that’s sentimental to your relationship, perhaps reminding you of a fond memory, which you’ll want to incorporate into your big day. Ultimately, you want your wedding day to feel as ‘you’ as possible, and for this to be perfectly reflected in your chosen color palette.

Choose the colors that best represent you as a couple

Once you’ve made your color scheme a priority, you’re likely to find that all the other details of your wedding simply fall into place, making the planning of your big day a whole lot easier. No matter the colors you pick, it’s important to ensure that they are representative of who you are as a couple, rather than just being the most fashionable or conventional choice. This way, each aspect of your wedding day will feel extra personal and special.

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