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Thanks for taking the time to read this silly bio and getting to know us a little better. Casey, owner, photographer, master mind and visionary of this sweet little love of mine for over 15 years now. Sarah, associate, second photographer, visual genius, and artist of the century! Two passionate best friends surrendering to living in the moment. With all things going on in the world today, we find ourselves slowing down and being one with earth, water, and the wind. We are both down-to-earth and want to bring our personalities, talents, and passions to what we do in life. With that, our brand is focussed on the charms of nature's elements. Let us help ground you in the moment, feel the wind in your hair wrapping around you like a warm-hug, the fiery indignation between your love, and the crashing tides of passion. Life is about creating moments, and we want to be the ones that keep those for you endlessly, because you're not average... you're out-of-this-world magical.


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We LOVE to travel. But who doesn't?!? Destination elopements is where we are most passionate and feel the most creative and alive in our photography journey.



In case you were curious, we LOVE to eat. Our favorite thing to do is discover new restaurants, try the spiciest foods we can get a hold of, and explore all the different tastes in new places. A unique restaurant atmosphere is what we live for!



We love to walk through a museum to gain inspiration for our fine-art photography. When traveling, we always try to meander through the towns coolest museums and art-exhibits. Sarah is also no stranger to the paint brush and loves to create all kinds of artwork. Galveston has an an amazing art-walk we love to catch when we can with amazing artists and poetry-readings!



Our brand is heavy on the natural earth-elements of life and our favorite is water. We spend most of our free time on the beach picking up seashells and looking at all the little sea creatures. Catch us on a boat on the weekends dolphin-watching at sunset or just relaxing by the shore watching the waves crash. Just call us your mermaids and we'll respond quicker than quicksand.


Texas + Destination photographers


Endless Exposures is a Texas based Photography company near Houston, Texas with our Passports ready to grab at any minute -- let's go! We specialize in all things wedding, love, life, but our hearts beat a little faster for destination travel elopements. Let me whole-heartedly express my passion for what I do and how important this career is to me. Unmeasurable amount of pride and joy go into everything we do to create the best experience possible for our couples from the initial contact to the final gallery delivery + beyond. We do not take what we do lightly and are eternally, boundlessly, grateful for being able to create memories for generations + generations. I get goosebumps every time I think about not only you, but your kids and your kids kids glancing through your wedding album and seeing the beautiful memories we created together. Nothing matters to me more in life than the treasure of memories and I can't wait to pour my soul into sharing that passion with you.


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