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Hey there! I'm Casey! A full time wedding and elopement photographer based in Houston, TX that loves to travel the world, dream, hustle, and do.


I've been photographing weddings for awhile now and I have learned a lot about myself throughout this business that has become an extension of myself. I treat my work as if it were my first-born child (it kind of is), and I am here for my couples from the beginning to the very end (and beyond). I was born to capture people's memories to keep forever. Since I was little I collected photos, rocks, little things to "remember" and "keep a moment" with me... from the start, I have been passionate about the details and life's best moments. I'm here for a good time AND a long time, to make authentic connections and friendships with my couples, document amazing moments with real people in real love, and give you the best experience possible with my collected knowledge + learned talents over the years.


I stink at small talk -- let's get right into the songs that make your heart drop, what keeps you alive, your life's biggest learned lessons and passions! I know what I want, I'm at my best when surrounded by nature, mountains, and the ocean. I'm in the continuous search for enlightenment, wild + free, a lover of love and freshly cleaned sheet snuggles. Mother of two doggo-fur-children that are my best friends and a turtle that is kind of a stinker. I'm always ready to go, try new things, and get creative in my work at any chance I can get. I'm a love creative, an artist, a business woman with powerful goals and ambitions with no limits. I love to adventure and try new things, if you're down for fun, crazy, real, exciting, unique, creative, never boring, and magic dust... I'm your girl! Let's go! Let's make some magical love art!


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