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An unconventional wedding photographer with a free spirit and wild heart, dedicated to pursuing her passions in capturing people's life adventures. Casey has photographed weddings + portraiture for over a decade and falls in love with learning more about this craft in every new wedding. Weddings have been a fascination since she went to her first one as a kid. -- "I remember the bubbles, the joy and togetherness, the smells of wedding cake, the lace, the romance and twirls,.. and disposable-camera-say-cheeses, ha!." 

A graduate from Sam Houston State University in English Literature; a place that will always have a little piece of her heart and where it all began. Photography, life, passion, love, and life-long friendships and clients that would begin her career as a photographer. 

Casey loves to capture authentic moments that people can keep forever. She also enjoys the genuine friendships and experiences being a wedding photographer has shined into her life. She wants to give you the photo gallery of your dreams! 

my jams


+shih tzus

+authentic love 


+Frida Kahlo (same personality types okkurrr)

+traveling the world (even being on a plane)

+The Bachelor/Bachelorette 

+things that sparkle 

+rose gold



+a good book and an interesting story

+walking in gardens

+nights in Vegas

She is an artist, endlessly exposing her soul in her work and stepping out of her introverted-shell to chase dreams like air. She is Casey Chateauvert, a love creative. 

"I just want to create art with you,..capture this moment in your life, give you an incredible experience and be your photographer ride-or-die. If it sounds like we could have a blast together, let's do this!" 


Photographer and assistant, fixer of technical issues, tie adjuster, dress fluffter, and all things wedding-guru; Brian is the offbeat second shooter and husband of Casey. When he's not shooting or assisting by his lovely wife's side, you'll see him photographing and helping the groomsmen with their ties, playing with lighting toys, or capturing organic moments of the day.

The son of a cake decorator, Brian was literally born into weddings. A childhood filled with sugar-flowers and cake toppers continued to a life of getting ready photos and balancing rings for detail shots. Brian has come to terms (and secretly okay with it) with the fact that weddings will always be a major part of his life.

In school, Brian was introduced into the world of video, photography, and editing, an aptitude that Casey was able to exploit nurture into the yang to her creative yin.

Brian has a Hemingway soul from a long lost generation of "do-it-yourselfers" (like Ron Swanson) and feels just as comfortable turning wrenches, swinging a hammer, or cooking dinner as he is behind the camera. He enjoys Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski, Stanley Kubrick films, good foods, and any excuse to hang out by the beach with his little family.

He absolutely adores his wife and loves every moment he gets to spend with her. Getting to work alongside his stunning bride is Brian's favorite part of the job and wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. Not even for the cake.

What I dig



80's punk rock+

Working with my hands+

Existentialist Novels+



Better Call Saul+



Winter days on the beach+

Capitalized Words+

Spicy foods & Spicy people+

Japan 2019 | Photos by Naba Zabih Photography

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