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City Engagement Session Downtown Houston, Texas

I love me a city-session any-day. That’s probably why when we decided we wanted to have our photos done somewhere epic we chose TOKYO! I love all kinds of scenery in life, but the city has always fascinated me and made me feel like I was important. Everyone downtown was important, they had their brief cases and suits and were walking somewhere important to go to an important meeting that only important people were attending. haha. Anyways — I love the city. I love the open fields. I love the ocean. I can be happy anywhere — almost as happy as these two lovers who I got to spend the afternoon and early evening with in downtown Houston for their engagement session.

Irena + John got their marriage license at the courthouse for their wedding that was going to be in shorter than a month away and we met up to capture and document the day for them. It’s not often that I get to do an engagement session right before a wedding; so it was fun to get to meet them and then be a part of their wedding day not too later.. We often overlook what a significant day it is to get our marriage license. I still remember the day my husband and I did it and we felt like real true adults. haha. I took a selfie and everything. Clueless then, just slightly less clueless now. But f’real, that’s the day shit gets real.

We shot at a bar rooftop downtown and walked around the city for a little bit, stopping at random places that caught our eye. I think one of my favorite kind of sessions is the kind where you just walk around and find unique little spots. It used to scare me to not have an exact plan step-by-step, but now that I am in my 30’s (woohoo!) I have learned to appreciate the art of just going with the flow more (I didn’t say I was totally cured).

Endless Exposures has some exciting ideas and plans going on right now that are keeping us up late and getting us ready to go on our toes the next, and I just wanted to drop by and say hi, show you guys this gorgeous little love session, and just say I am super stinkin’ happy right now and about my future and our lil’ company. 🙂 Cheers to happiness!

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