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NYC Destination Winter Wedding

When I first heard from Keziah and Louis I was so thrilled to get the honor to know two such amazing souls… when I found out they wanted me to photograph their wedding in New York, I flipped out! I had never been to New York yet and I had always wondered what it would be like, especially in the winter. It was nothing short of amazing and even more than I had even expected… I spent a week out there with their 2-day wedding and then the rest of the week exploring the city… their wedding was INCREDIBLE! Day one when I arrived to their hotel we photographed their Mehndi celebration… the smells at the Mehndi still linger in my thoughts and make my mouth water.. so so good,..the next day they had a travel-inspired gorgeous winter wedding at the coolest venue, The Heritage Club at Bethpage. It was decked out in Christmas trees, holiday vibes, and classic antique decor throughout with this crazy cool checkered floor and vintage cocktail hour room with a grand piano. It was freezing and raining outside but they were troopers and we got a few images around the beautiful venue’s patio. The cocktail had foods from around the world (the theme of their wedding was travel, SO COOL!) and the dinner was superb steak. I even had my own place setting and sat down with everyone at dinner and I was so over the moon about it! They really made me feel special and it was an honor to be able to travel up north for a change of scenery and get a taste of a new atmosphere. The dancing continued all night under colorful lights with pumped up energy everywhere; they left the evening with a pretzel stand and hot coco for guests to stay warm as they waited for their ride. It was an incredible experience and I’ll never forget it.

The rest of my trip in NYC I explored museums, rode the Subway up and down until I had no idea where I was and embraced every second of being lost… I walked Brooklyn Bridge and saw the Statue of Liberty on a boat tour… I loved walking the streets at night and feeling the cold brisk air against my face, I was never hot and it was AMAZING! The buildings, architecture, the romance of ice skaters at Central Park, had me wanting to move there ASAP! I REALLY loved the warm street corn when I was freezing and grabbing a hot dog at pretty much anytime I wanted one. The shops, the CAMERA STORE!!!… Amazing. One night I was staring up into a huge skyline apartment and people-watching from the city below and thought how incredible it would be to live in downtown in the city… so much so that it inspired me to SELL MY HOUSE! And move to Downtown Houston for a year to experience the city-life. Of course it was no New York but when I was living there for a year I got a taste of the true city life and it was quite the experience (I’ve sense moved on from there). New York went down as one of my favorite places in the States and I have been yearning to go back ever sense. One of my best memories from my trip there was getting a cup of spiked-cider at the hotel every morning on my route to explore the day… annnnd now I’m ready to go look at flights back to New York this coming winter to check it out all over again! What do you think?!

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