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Leighanne + Jeremy | The Oak Atelier

Where do I even begin,… had the pleasure of photographing this intimate wedding reception with Leighanne and Jeremy at their gorgeous venue/home, The Oak Atelier. Leighanne and her team have been working incredibly hard on getting The Oak Atelier to perfection, and she has certainly accomplished it. I was able to shoot a few sessions in my new favorite room in the studio, so when we arrived and she was getting ready in that familiar room.. I was elated to be a part of a room I felt already comfortable creating in (The Elm).

The lovely couple eloped last year and then had their wedding dinner reception at The Oak Atelier, in which I was overjoyed to photograph and be a part of. The wooded area in the back was a perfect setting for a few sunset couple and family photos before heading in for a night of food, family, and fun. I was blown away (but expected nothing less) by the details Leighanne and Jeremy had incorporated throughout their day. What makes this evening even more special is that The Oak Atelier is not only just a venue, but it was her childhood home, remodeled into a photographer’s dream studio and venue.

Dinner was held in what used to be part of her room as a child, The Alder, and I don’t think it gets any more meaningful than that. The lighting dazzled on one of the bride’s favorite rooms, and it was just right for all the good moody photos I enjoy shooting the most. The candlelit long banquet table was magnificently decorated with extensive attention to detail and design. Leighanne is a photographer, and as a wedding photographer we learn to pick up/recognize all the details so it is 100X more important when it comes to our own events/wedding to have something unique and stunning. I love the appreciation a photographer has for details to ultimately compose a more attractive wedding gallery. She also rents out these gorgeous furniture pieces and more in her studio. If you haven’t already, go check out The Oak Atelier.

Documenting this evening was one of my favorites to photograph and I’m thrilled to show you some of my favorite highlights from their night. Thank you to my clients for allowing me to continue my dream every damn time.

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