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Making a popular spot unique to you

Sometimes as photographers we forget that our couples have little to no experience in the wedding industry (unless I’m shooting a vendor friend of course..!).. and we get used to shooting in the same familiar locations in our home-city.. maybe not realizing that maybe for our couple that particular spot meant something to them. Maybe they had a picnic there and the location reminded them of that perfect day,… maybe they saw a photo on your blog or Pinterest that they fell in love with and wanted to have their photos done there as well because they love the greenery walls, etc. Whatever the location or situation may be, even if I have photographed there numerous of times I want to bring a new aspect into the location to challenge myself as well as make sure my clients get what they want. I try to think of something that I have been wanting to experiment with creativily that requires no specific location..and luckily, since I am already familiar with photographing the area I can afford to play around with a few different ideas!

I was truly pumped to photograph this engagement session because of some gorgeous trees and plants that were blooming at the time and for the dreamy golden sunset hour. I used that to inspire me to take a popular shooting location in Houston and made it a fun evening of creating art for my couple.

As the old saying goes.. “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” If you have a good photographer, the location isn’t what is going to make you fall in love with your photos. With good lighting, a couple in love, and pretty much any weather condition;..amazing… moody… genuine… wonderful photos can come out of any spot, any time of the day. And for photographers,.. try not to let these locations burn you out! It’s not “just another shoot at this place…” it’s a shoot your couple has never been to or experienced before, so make sure you show them the magic!

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