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Destination Wedding Etiquette 2020

New Rules In A New Year

2020 isn’t just a new year; it’s the commencement of a new decade—and one that has been a popular date with fiction developers for generations. The year “2020” just has a certain ring to it. Well, as a result of this year’s uniqueness, many people are courting “destination” options as pertain to their wedding ceremonies.

Now a destination wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be something that takes place in another country. If you’re from Nebraska, a destination wedding could be Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, south California, New York, or Kansas if you’ve got a weird sense of humor. That said, the wedding could also be international. A lot of these ceremonies take place on the beach.

There are going to be some etiquette considerations related to wherever the destination happens to be. If the wedding is taking place within the country you’ll have a bit more freedom than if it’s taking place out of the country. What will perhaps be the most affected aspect of your role as a groomsman or bridesmaid will be the gift you bring. Sometimes it is easy with using an online wedding registry so you can contribute to the perfect honeymoon of the lovebirds, but sometimes it is a bit tricky.

A local wedding doesn’t present any issue. You can just buy a gift, wrap it up, and deliver it. But if you’re traveling across the country or overseas, you want a gift you can fit in your carry-on. There’s no use trusting the airport to get your checked luggage to you in one piece. Hope for the best, expect the worst, plan in advance. The following are a few ideas toward that end.

A Spirits And Cigar Kit

Here’s something to keep in mind as you buy gifts for your groom: just because it’s the new millennium, and we’re commencing the third decade of it, doesn’t mean classic chic loses its value. It’s just that you want to dress up that classic chic with modern trappings.

Men are going to like fine cigars, whiskeys, and wines until the sun quits shining. So you might lean into this reality, and give the groom-to-be some gifts that evince that style, but come in a modern package. 

One that’s increasingly popular is a spirits and cigar kit including cigar cutters, a flask, and a stylish bottle opener for wine—something quite popular on the first night of the honeymoon; especially when the bride and groom are somewhere new.

If they’re just at home, there’s probably a corkscrew somewhere. But in a foreign land, popping off to the convenience store can be a real chore. The right groom gift should prepare them in advance.

A Decent GoPro Camera

A honeymoon is a time to remember. It’s a time where all moments should be drunk in, fully embraced, and totally appreciated. A GoPro is great for that—especially at a destination wedding located in the tropics. You can take a GoPro underwater while you’re diving along the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, or on horseback through the mountains of Chili, or climbing the high temples in Krabi area in Thailand.

A Fine Watch And A Watch Winder

A watch which has batteries needs to have those batteries replaced at intervals. This is costly, it’s a chore, a lot of people won’t do it. Similarly, a watch that is charged through kinetic energy works fine, but it’s usually not so strong underwater, and it’s a bit more expensive than other watches. Plus, it’s hard to get it worked on if it breaks, and that’s expensive.

However, a watch you can wind is downright chic, and it tends to have a greater durability than many of these other options. In 2020, you can find watches that are able to be wound, waterproof, lightweight, and downright aesthetic.

Additionally, you can buy watch-winders today where you just stick the watch inside and it gets properly wound. What a great, stylish, modern, classic groom gift! Also, if you’re in a foreign country, as most destination weddings are, this sort of thing has utility internationally. A smartwatch or other tech marvel might not.

The Best Gift For The Groom-To-Be

It’s 2020. Some gifts are going to be futuristic, some will be variations on old themes. Perhaps the suggestions here perfectly fit your sensibilities, perhaps they don’t. At the least, these represent fine imagination fodder. The perfect gift is out there, today’s options make it easier to find than ever. Just keep in mind the destination of the wedding for best results.

Guest post by Vow To Be Chic

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