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Love is Not Canceled! | 5 Covid Wedding Postponement Tips

It’s no secret this year has been pretty ghostly + crickets for a lot of wedding professionals around the globe due to the obvious Covid-19 restrictions; putting couples everywhere in a tough decision to either postpone their dream day or turn it into an intimate micro wedding. After working with my couples during this time who have decided to do both, who are still on the fence about the future of their wedding, and those who have decided to put off planning until the future is more clear — our hearts go out to you and how crazy it must feel… but love is NOT canceled, and I really hope you can look at the silver-lining of things and see how we can make the best of what we have.

Here are some tips I have thought over after the last few months of being in the middle of a pandemic.

  1. Change the date!

Everyone knows that times are uncertain right now. If you’re worried about most of your guests or some of your elderly/at risk guests not being able to attend your wedding, consider changing your date! Most vendors will work with you without a problem, and I have personally already rescheduled some of my weddings this year more than once with an open-heart of understanding. I know most of the venues and vendors around my area have also done the same and we are hopeful for the future of the wedding industry. I know it may sound challenging to go through the trouble of changing your wedding date and plans, but pushing it forward can give you more time do things you may not already have had the time to do! My brides have been able to add bridal boudoir sessions for hubby since their wedding was pushed forward, destination engagement sessions since the budget was pushed to next year and there’s the extra time. Pre-honeymoons! Yes, some couples have been going on their honeymoon before the wedding, want honeymoon pre-wedding photos? Take me with you to document your sexy moments and soak up all the relaxation while you wait for your big day (maybe even plan honeymoon II during honeymoon I haha!). Many clients have thought of creative ways of sending out “changed date” (even photoshoots to go alongside it) announcements, and there’s even websites that you can create a Postpone Wedding Announcement like the ones here on Minted.

2. Elope!

Some of my couples have decided to cancel the wedding and just ELOPE! We can still road trip and fly to local states and some national parks and local areas to elope. Do you still want to elope but stay in Texas? Check out this adorable venue with an outdoor greenhouse that rents out for events and photoshoots and it’s right in Houston’s backyard, at The Oak Atelier. Want to fly up north and hike some mountains, chase some waterfalls, skip the chaos of Covid-Wedding planning? Let’s chat adventures and make some magic together.

3. Micro Wedding + Virtual Ceremony

Consider shortening your guest list to the amount of guests currently or expected to be allowed in your venue and continuing your date with a micro wedding. You can take the expenses that you gain from shrinking your wedding and use it towards an even better honeymoon or more activities for your honeymoon. Gracefully contact + keep in touch with guests that you unfortunately no longer are inviting to the wedding (and make sure they understand it is in their best interest!) and also make sure they understand you are keeping the wedding strictly to immediately family and are not at risk. Everyone is incredibly understanding during this time and you may have actually relieved them by taking off the pressure of attending a wedding during a pandemic. Consider hiring a videographer or appointing a friend or family with an IPAD that can live stream your wedding ceremony, when you touch base with guests that are at risk or no longer on your immediate guest-list, give them the information or a link that you will be live streaming and invite them to view that way. You could even send them a small party gift eventually as a thank you for attending your virtual day. Consider sending a personalized face mask from ETSY sellers like the one here. This alongside personalized hand sanitizer also makes a great party favor for your intimate celebration. While you have made your wedding smaller, why not splurge on some incredible florals and really go all out? You can take a small space and turn it into a jungle paradise for the most perfect picturesque setting and impress your guests with your unstoppable + resilliant love.

4. Create a safe + healthy environment

Do you want to go for it YOLO style and just have the bash as if nothing happened? Try the zero expectations mindset and allow whomever can attend your wedding be there, and keep a free spirited frame of mind that you may or may not have as big of a turn out as you might have originally planned to. The people that do attend though, you want to make sure are comfortable and have the proper accessories to keep the day safe. You could create custom signage to remind guests to sanitize, “Please use sanitizer provided” signs like the one here. Have plenty of sanitizer to refill the station and designate someone specifically to covid related preparations + refilling. Make sure the bathrooms are always stocked with soap and maybe a kind reminder in the bathroom to wash your hands and get back on the dance floor! Social distancing floor stickers are becoming more popular at venues and business’ alike, but if yours does not already, try getting some customized social distancing stickers for your food lines or dance floor. A great party favor as mentioned already above is the customized face masks, hand sanitizer, keep it classy + funny with customized drink holders for guests to truly remember your essential epic day. Make sure and social distance your ceremony seating and consider outdoors or a larger area for dancing! Make sure and check with your state on the rules and regulations of what you currently can and cannot do at your wedding day. Don’t forget personalized face masks for yourselves — maybe even consider using a piece of something sentimental/your “something old” to be made into a custom face mask for the bride!

5. Consider hiring a planner/coordinator

If you have had to postpone your wedding date or you are frantically trying to figure out what you’re going to do about your upcoming/future plans — consider hiring a planner to rid some of your worries and concerns. Your planner will be up to date on codes and have fantastic ideas to keep your wedding amazing + safe whether it be making a new space more lavish than your mind can imagine, suggesting great healthy alternatives to traditions and how to make guests comfortable, and more. Hiring a planner may be the most important decision to help you have a better and less stressful wedding day. Consider hiring S.B. Moore who has a ton of current Covid wedding experience and you’ll be in great calming hands. This will also come in handy if you need to change your date, as the planner will have more connections and networks to vendors and can help with contracts, contacting vendors for rescheduling, and or finding you new vendors if dates do not correlate with the original vendors.

EXTRA TIP: Splurge on bouquet preservation

Remember your day beyond the ordinary and preserve your bouquet in a customized tangible piece of artwork by Andrea, the pressed flower guru. You survived the pandemic, reward yourself with a gorgeous forever memory by keeping something alive forever.

If you’re looking for some more ideas on what to do during the wait, check out some great tips and planning advice on Here Comes the Bride.

I dedicate this bittersweet blogpost to one of my SWEETEST couples that I have had the pleasure to photograph recently — both in the medical industry all while planning a wedding during a pandemic… and keeping a positive attitude during the process after having to reschedule their big day! I can’t wait for your sweet wedding next year and I promise it will be worth the wait! And for all the couples right now who are over it all and feel hopeless — please don’t forget that LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED and we will all get through this together.

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