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Houston Maternity Photographer | The Nouvelle

I’ve based my business on treating my clients the way I would want to be treated, and delivering the service and experience that I too would want in return at a 5-star business. When I think about a situation or how I deliver something, I think… what would I want? How could I make this easier or better for my client? In all situations, hotels.. restaurants.. traveling, experiences, etc, I think… how would I treat the sitch if I were the boss/manager. When I deliver a gallery, I always have to process the thoughts and feelings of… if this were delivered to me, would I be ecstatic, over-impressed, willing and excited to leave a 5-star review?

I noticed when I was photographing a few maternity sessions how exhausting and in a sense lack of excitement and happiness because the mom was uncomfortable, too hot from the heat, and just doing the photos because that’s what you’re “supposed to do” during this time. How do these women look so amazing and happy in photos while feeling the weight of a growing human weighing on their entire body?!… Let me help make the photoshoot fun, carefree, and most importantly, relaxing! 🙂

I decided I needed to make the maternity photography experience for a tired momma AMAZING… and beyond just “meet me at the park for a mini session” kind of thang. Women created life, you are bringing human(s) into this world.. and the miracle of creating and hosting life is so majestic, you deserve to be treated like the magical human you are. This is your time to glow…(and I don’t mean the sweaty kind). You’re already putting so much care into your baby’s future and planning all kinds of things from showers, hospitals, time off work, finances, the perfect stroller, how to announce to friends + family, and so much more… so why not take a day off to relax; enjoy the process, take some time for you, and document this moment in your life in a HAPPY way! We have recently started to specialize in maternity photography from announcing to the hubby (we can fit into your schedule last minute!), the family, the social media/Facebook + IG world, gender reveals, baby showers, to the 6-7 months baby bump. I love getting the chance to see my previous wedding clients, new couples as clients, and share this incredible moment by documenting it for couples for the rest of their lives.

Of course we offer normal sessions on location to your favorite place. at home, on an adventure, (travel the world for your baby announcement?, HECK YES; chat with me about it!) but with our deluxe maternity sessions; which we have named “The Nouvelle”, mommas can receive a luxury experience from beginning to end of the session with a unique and relaxing experience AND a photoshoot. We will go over details, make up recommendations, additional outfits you may want to bring, and how to prepare for your session when booking. When you arrive to your session (appointment set up for you without any worries on your part), you’ll find a private French-inspired studio just outside of Houston in a calm environment (come peep the deer!) and room all to yourself (and me) for 2 hours (add another hour on request). Included in the session is a controlled climate atmosphere so momma doesn’t have to worry about sweating or feeling sick in the heat. (Also helps to be able to do your session at ANY time of the year without worrying about rainy days, hot days, cold days, whatever God has planned for that day, days!!). The setting of the studio is romantic, fine-art inspired with French decor, and just simply-beautiful. The first 10-15 minutes Mom can browse our maternity gown collection and find a favorite (or unlimited!) dress from our collection. The S.O. is of course allowed to bring some of his favorite outfits, guaranteed to match a variety of our neutral colored dresses. After shooting mom + dad for about 30-40 minutes (outdoors in the forest area optional if you’re up for it, great for sunset sessions!), take a breather on the couch with a complimentary water bottle ready for you to feel refreshed! During this time I will set up the silkening milk bath with florals at your preferred water temp for when you’re ready to climb in the romantic French claw-tub for a relaxing soak, perks of some romantic and fun photos. The sun shining through the window shadow plays all over the tub for a relaxing experience while creating beautiful imagery. After the milk-bath I’ll take the flowers and rinse + package them for you to take home and press in a memory book. Take your time to get toweled off (towels provided) from the bath in your private bathroom/changing room, when you’re out I’ll have the flowers and a special extra gift ready just for you!

Worried about random stress acne, stretch marks, baby sitting in a crazy position in your tummy, or just not feeling your 100% self?! No worries… I got you boo. These sessions include fully edited and touched up images on a gallery for you to download a short week or two after your session. Just trust me, you’ll look gorgeous and will love how you look in your photos. 🙂


What size gowns do you provide?

Right now we have one-size fits all in common neutral colors, open tummy gowns, gowns that stretch, XS-XXL sizes, and the collection is ever-growing when I run into another must-have dress for the collection. The more sessions I book the more I will grow this collection and add more styles in the future as well!

Can I bring a friend or mom?

Couples.. come alone! It can be an enjoyable experience for just the two of you without the stress of family members or any extra people you feel the need to please that day other than yourselves :).

If it’s just you comin’ Momma, feel free to bring a friend or your mom (hey grandma!) along for help assisting in dresses and for moral/comfort support.

Should I bring any of my own outfits?

Yes! I love my growing collection but if it makes you feel more comfortable (or to at least have a back up option) please bring any outfits you love. Also, we only provide mom’s gown for the day — so make sure if hubby is coming a long in the photos to have him dressed with 1-2 backup options in case you change your mind.

Can I gift this to a friend for their baby shower?

Umm, YES. PLEASE. I would absolutely DIE to receive this as a baby shower gift. I can send you a cute little card to gift your future momma bestie or something digital if you need it for a last minute gift!

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