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Pinterest is making a come back..

Pinterest lovers, rejoice! This once joked upon app for stay-at-home moms and wedding planning addicts is now becoming more popular as a resource tool for all the things + more, including your business! I must admit I use it just a tad obsessively as inspiration for home-decorating, backyard fun, DIY goodness, wall paint colors, design, photo inspiration, and more. But wait, there’s more! Pinterest has now updated and allows business owners to revamp their page and actually have a business page! The top of the page features a cute little cover gallery and boards to follow. I used to have a one category only link for my brides to glance through, but now I have organized them into individual categories such as Destination, Bridals, Engagement Style, and more.

Business owners… all you have to do is make your previous boards that you used for personal use private by turning the “secret” mode on in the settings for each board, and you can still keep your old Pinterest finds in galleries that are for you only to see (and can invite your besties to still be able to view them). I did this so that I can link this page to my clients and they can easily find inspiration based on the category that interests them. I’m sure I’ll create more galleries in the future, but I just started re-organizing a few days ago and it’s been super fun.

Go on and click that P on the top right of my website and start pinning your faves!

Just an update… after we started organizing our Pinterest page, we went from 100 mostly viewers… to 45K!! So yes ladies and gentlemen, Pinterest is making a come back, and we are all over it. I think this may be the new platform for social media soaring.. and it’s better to not put all of your eggs in just one social-media-basket.. so I’m embracing it! Have you joined the Pinterest fan club yet?

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