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Reasons you may want to consider a bridal session!

We always think.. I just need engagement photos and wedding photos, right?! and I’m all set. But we wonder… why DO brides get their portraits done? Spend an entire session solely on themselves?

Good question! I ADORE bridal sessions as it gives us the opportunity to have a relaxed environment solely focussed on the bride and her bridal accessories. We get the chance to lay out details, the dress, and other bridal littles in a non-chaotic timeline to allow you extra photos captured that you may not have time for on your wedding day. If you have an invitation suite, special jewelry, your bridal bouquet, and other littles — we can incorporate them with your wedding gallery to make it even MORE magic. Sometimes a wedding day goes by so quickly, we can sometimes pass by the chance to have many photos done of JUST the bride. This will ensure you have many photos of yourself without worrying about it later on your wedding day if there’s enough time during the chaos!

Bridals allow to get more COMFY with me! Our engagement session is great to get to know each other and you guys as a couple, but I get even closer with my brides when we have an additional session together! This gives you a chance to get comfortable in your gown and even more comfortable with posing practice. It’s also a great idea to do a practice run with your hair and makeup artist to get an idea of what you’re going to look like in photos on your wedding day. You can do a trial run of your hair as well and see if you want to make any adjustments for the day of! Often times I hear brides (including myself) say dang.. I wish I had done my hair or makeup differently I just didn’t like it in my photos… with bridals this gives you a chance to really see (and take lots of selfies!) You also get the opportunity to see what your floral bouquet will look like and if you want any adjustments or different vibes with that. I have so many bouquet regrets that would have been solved with a trial!

You get to PAMPER yourself! Yesss! Who doesn’t love to get dressed up like Cinderella and have a day solely focussed on YOU. Let me spoil you and make you feel as beautiful as you really are.

You have flexibility in the style of your photos. If you are maybe getting married in the city and want some photos in an open field, this gives you an opportunity to have different variety in your photos and have your cake and eat it too if you wanted to have two different styles! You can get creative with your location and what you want photo wise as you have complete freedom of the day with no interruptions!

Per tradition, many brides like to display their photo at the reception to be revealed after the couple has entered! This is a great opportunity to have more photos for guests to enjoy and look at your dress in closer detail right in front of them! It’s also a great present for mom’s and grandmother’s who love their baby and want all the pretty photos 🙂 Do it for mom!

So if you’ve been on the fence about possibly doing a bridal session, I would say GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it — and you’ll have so many more beautiful photos for heirlooms and your future generations to oo-and-ahh over how pretty their momma is.

Want to spice up your session a little and get double the awesomeness from your hair and makeup? Consider combining two sessions in one day for a half day of bridal portraits and a half day of bridal boudoir portraits!

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